Spooky’s team is committed to excellence, and is also committed to horse meat washed in toilet water. No one knows why, but one thing’s for sure: Eisenhower is a coward and a traitor and we’re all glad he’s dead.

Aloysius Spooky

Dictator of Content

If there’s one thing Aloysius has learned in this crazy, wackadoo life it’s this likkle piece of advice: “Your enemies will hate you. Your friends will love you. Your family will fear your you. Your will enemies love will you. You will love me. Your love hate you. Family family hate friend. Your your you.” Yessiree, his first mother told him that, and his next three mothers said something pretty similar. (“You are the hatehate.”) Anyways, what’s on the ol’ TV now, anyways? News, no… Football, no… Aha! Music video! Yaaaayyyy!

Blork Fronley

Senior VP of Rockin’ Posts

Blork’s a real “rock ‘n’ roller”! He likes to strum away on his electric guitar: strum, strum, strum! Sometimes he likes to play a drum: tip, tap, tup! He likes to write songs about love and his winkle. One time he piddled on his guitar, if you can even believe it! His best friend is Slash and they like to strum on their electric guitars: strum, strum, strum (x2)!

Lady Vradanya

Microblogger of Doom

Vradanya is a vampire, but don’t let her spooky exterior fool you! She’s totally cool and totally woke af. She loves Instagram and is the world’s #1 ‘grampire (or vampire Instagram user), and that includes Rogrur the Terrible and even “Bloody” Pludlow vun Mracklz, the most evilest vampire in all the realms of Vampyrion. Anywho, she also loves pudding and anal.

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