1. Come Dressed Nice
  2. Smells like Old-Timers
  3. 6 Apologies
  4. Box-Shaped Heart (You Should Really See a Specialist About Your…)
  5. Territorial Pooings
  6. I’m on a Plane, Motherfucker (feat. Jorma Taccone)
  7. Follow-up Question: Why Did You Sleep in the Pines? That Sounds Uncomfortable. Maybe I’m Just a Fussy Sleeper, I Dunno. Seriously, I Don’t Think I Could Get a Decent Night’s Sleep in the Pines At All, but Hey — If It Works for You, That’s All That Matters. What About Those MyPillow Things, Are They Supposed To Be Any Good?
  8. Territorial Barfings
  9. Bananeurysm (Nirvana’s rare “zany” song)
  10. Not About a Girl. (About a Pastrami Sandwich Instead.)
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