Spooky is a website for funny posts. And podcasts, cartoons, jokes, videos, code experiments, who cares so long as it rocks. 🎸 🤘

It is run by a guy, who is me, named Sam. It’s where I post my stuff. 👹 🖍

I’d be happy to post your stuff too. I want to run things that are absurd and silly and have attitude and, obviously, make me laugh. Things that are smart and dumb at the same time. Here are some posts I love on the world wide web. (Coming later.) 🎓 🤤

It’s okay to be difficult, surreal, weird, goofy, manic, grotesque, chaotic, bird-brained, confrontational, inscrutable, carnivalesque and/or Internet-poisoned; on the other hand, clapter sucks shit, and being cloying or cutesy sucks shit, and vomiting out radlib gibberish and calling it #resistance obviously sucks total shit. 👏 💩

It’s also okay to be offensive so long as you’re offending the right people for the right reasons – offend libs and chuds and puritans and PMC aspirants and yuppie vermin all the live long day; don’t submit bigotry and hate speech. Make the villains cry. 🤡 🙀

The editor’s worldview is socialist, so centrists can submit to the other big websites to get their pats on the head. Your English degree doesn’t make you better than anyone, by the way. 🔖 🤓

I want stories, gags and hallucinatory utterances more than I want timely pieces about the headline you saw today. Readers who feel smug for recognising a headline are too dumb to be of use to anyone. 📰 🤪

Spooky rejects the world-consuming menace of the tech juggernauts and aspires to a business model that gets by without them. I’m putting (constantly evolving, no doubt) thoughts on what alternative, ethical business models for web publishing could look like here.📱 🔫

Spooky encourages submissions from people who aren’t white and/or cis-gender. I absolutely yearn for loopy content coming from people of all backgrounds and identities. That’s right, I yearn. So sue me. Please trust me, the last thing I want to run is shit called “My Tinder profile? Elizabeth Warren has a plan for that” or “Quiz: Who Said It? Donald Trump or Lord Voldemort.” Friggin’ yuck. 👦🏻 👩🏼 💣