Coil is a platform to handle automated micropayments on the Web. Spooky uses it! (This’d be a dumb page otherwise.)

Among its features, it allows us to offer Coil subscribers additional premium content. You can think of it as sort of Patreon-like in this regard, but built right into the site.

Though we plan to offer Coil perks ad loc. throughout the site on posts or podcasts or whatever, here are a few additional, mega-hottt perks that don’t have a more logical place for us to put ’em. Sign up for Coil and enjoy!


Work It • Quarterly Report magazine

#001 • Download below

Free five-page sample here.

Work It • Scripts

For every episode of Work It, we’ll share at least one script. Start browsing the archives here, though here’s one sample script to see what awaits you… 😘