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David Byrne’s Other Suits
Three small suits tied together. Medium Suit, tiny David Byrne. And many more…
Networking Pickup Lines
Use some of these pickup lines at your next networking event, and you'll have all the best-connected execs begging to take you for coffee and ‘pick your brain’.
A Long-Lost Ode to Office Romance
Who says office romance is dead?? In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Work It’s archivists are proud to present this early draft of How Do I Love Thee?


Artwork for Work It, a comedy podcast on CFMU


  • Recess
    “Look, kids, I don’t care which one of you started it: save it for recess!”
  • Dress for Success
    “It’s so hard to find a good pair of pants these days.”
  • Mother’s Advice
    “It’s like my mother always said: …”
  • New Friends
    “It’s always nice meeting new people!”


  • de Cerere

    “Man, this sandwich is really on a roll!”

  • de derisione

    What a rotten barber! I asked for the ‘Tonsure’ and he gave me the ‘Jonathan Taylor Thomas’!! The other monks won’t stop laughing at me!

  • de repudio discordiaque

    Help settle an argument my wife and I are having. I told her that I’m not happy and want ‘da force’. She says the word is ‘divorce’. Well?

  • de oraculo

    I AM DEAD!! (Of course I am NOT dead – I’m quite well, in fact – though when I do indeed die, this ‘tweet’ will seem eerily prescient.)

  • de spectatoribus madidis

    At the Competitive Drinking game, the crowd showed their frustration by raining down booze.

  • de pudendis muliebribus

    Call me old fashioned, but I pride myself in knowing how to treat a woman’s ‘bathroom area’.

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