14: Service with a Smile
Work It

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In this week’s episode on customer service: Work It Support Desk • Heaven’s Complaints Dept. • Yelp Reviews from the Animal Kingdom • and more…

  • Yes, Sam knows how bad he butchered Amy Klobuchar’s last name. I’m sure she’ll be over to yell at us shortly.
  • Were you joyfully ignorant of private prison stocks before this episode? If you wanted proof of the malignancy of humankind, here ya go. And yes, it is patently obvious that investors in them should be burned alive.
  • Here’s that Baroness von Sketch scene. Were we unfair? Or are they enemies of the working class? If the latter, blame Sam – Janet put him in charge of misogyny on the show.
  • When in doubt, Sam references the old gods of the Cthulhu mythos for a gag. He did it here with Azatoth, he’s done it before, and no doubt he’ll do it again.
  • Big Star’s “Thirteen” is a nice song, isn’t it?

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For Coil subscribers, the script for a ‘clothesline’ scene – i.e. a scene that is nothing but amazing and perfect jokes: “Non-refundable items.”

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