27: Herodotus with Jokes

In this week’s episode on the history of work: Socrates, Arthur & Jeanne d’Arc • The History of Work It: Jazz Age, Dickensian England, The…
Sam A.
August 16, 2019

26: Cannabizness Time

In this week’s episode on the cannabis industry: PSA: The Dangers of Legalisation • Cracker-Grass Crackers • Stacy, Tracy, Macy • The Spider Experiment •…
July 26, 2019

24: Empathetic Fallacy

In this week’s episode on empathy: Sam and Janet switch roles in scenes like Mama’s Boy • a Do the Locomotion parody • The Favourite…
June 14, 2019

22: Standing on the Edge of a Clip

In this week’s episode, it’s another clip show, with scenes from episodes 14-21: The Terminator • Zorlax! • Union Dudes • Ghost Hunters • and…
May 17, 2019

20: When It Trains, It Bores

In this week’s episode on training: The Cult of Zorlax • Training Wheels • Jarg-o-nator! • Drops of Jupiter • and more...
April 19, 2019

19: Advancemental Breakdown

In this week’s episode on advancement: Shakespearean Promotions • a “Do the Locomotion” parody • Corporate Ladder: The Board Game • and more...
Sam A.
April 5, 2019

18: All Fired Up

In this week’s episode on firing: Euphemisms • Firing Squad • The Terminator • Fired by Folk Song • Firing Squad • and more...
March 22, 2019